Moving Emotions

By Deeksha Puri and Priyanka Murali To dance is to embody fluidity, in movement and in emotion. As the beats grow louder and as every limb stretches out and flows with the rhythm, you smile. The song starts to simmer down, and you sit and wonder why you feel a little bit lighter. “I think … More Moving Emotions

A Journey Of Awareness And A Fight Against Patriarchy

By Soumya Jain, UG 23 Image By Shree Bhattacharyya, UG 23 Up until recently, I don’t think I ever acknowledged feeling sad or hopeless about being a girl. Gender was never a perceived factor in the situations that went wrong. The awareness that me being a ‘girl’ could dominate how I would be treated hadn’t … More A Journey Of Awareness And A Fight Against Patriarchy

Taking on New Year’s Resolutions, But Make It Ashokan

By Jenya Wadhwani I’ve never been one to take on new year’s resolutions because trying to get my life together isn’t really my forte, and if you are someone who takes up and actually achieves your resolutions, I have to say I’m scared of and impressed by you. Nevertheless, there are a few seemingly trivial … More Taking on New Year’s Resolutions, But Make It Ashokan


By Esha Sinha, UG 22 “Shut the door,” Aadya snapped at her grandmother as they walked into the house. Her ears felt warm with guilt as she dumped the shopping bags on the table. Lumbering to her room, she collapsed on her bed, feeling exhausted from the short trip. When did I become so rude?  … More Balance

Standing Together in Standstills

By Deeksha Puri Image Credits: The Atlantic The eeriness of the world coming to a standstill last year caused many of us to confront newly resurfaced challenges to our mental well-being. Often, navigating the obstacle course we call mental health was possible only through the guidance provided by mental healthcare providers and professionals. However, did … More Standing Together in Standstills

Zoom University: Interviewing Ashokan Professors

by Anika Ghei and Nishka Mishra I stand at the bridge, my hand resting on the red brick that carries a sense of familiarity. The air is quiet and cold, the sort that’s peaceful. My batchmates exit the mess down below, their chattering audible amidst the subtle sounds of relaxed breathing and feet shuffling. I … More Zoom University: Interviewing Ashokan Professors

Growing Pains

Article and Illustration: By Somya Wadhwa In a society that demands conformity, getting tattoos and talking about mental health become acts of resistance. In the past, tattoo culture was often dominated by males and carried misogynistic connotations (read: tramp stamps). Today, they stand as more than just symbols of patriarchy or superfluous beauty. Of course, … More Growing Pains

8 Tips To Get Through Finals With Your Mental Health Intact

Article: By Sarah Cherian Illustration: By Upasana Kumar Is the very thought of finals week sending you down anxiety spirals? Are you bogged down with multiple paper submissions and don’t know what to do? Are sleepless nights becoming a part of your routine?  For most of us, the last few weeks of the semester have … More 8 Tips To Get Through Finals With Your Mental Health Intact

Being the Impostor

by Deeksha Puri The light of my laptop screen illuminates my face as I look at it with deep-set bags under my tired eyes. Editing, re-editing, and editing again, deleting everything and starting over. With each sound that the keyboard produces, it triggers questions at approximately the same speed,  “What if this isn’t good enough?”, … More Being the Impostor

Moving Beyond the Myth of the ‘Tortured Genius’

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” Art often has its way of putting into melodies and visuals what words are unable to, acting as a medium between expression and emotions. Many musicians, dancers, painters, and other artists … More Moving Beyond the Myth of the ‘Tortured Genius’

Seven Tips On How To Increase Productivity In University

Attention, college students! If you feel like you can’t find the right balance between work and play or want to review your methods of productivity; then this might just be the blog for you. University is generally a new and exciting experience which allows us to form new memories, to explore the different facets of … More Seven Tips On How To Increase Productivity In University